Paper, Scissors, Glue!

Group programs are back at DWSP and in full swing these holidays! 

Our “Paper, Scissors, Glue!” group is a fine motor skill-based group that also targets social skills, emotional regulation and many more skills. Our groups are a great way to continue working on skills during the school holidays as well as making friends and having fun! Our team of highly skilled occupational therapists and speech pathologists are running a wide range of groups catering to various interests and ages.  

Monday’s group was “Paper, Scissors, Glue!”. The group was run by speechie, Phoebe, and OT, Kirsten. Our group members did various craft activities, focusing on fine motor activities. A typical group starts with an icebreaker, so the members get to know each other. Next, was a cut-and-paste activity where they got to create animals. The group loved talking about what animal they chose and helping their friends cut and paste.

After the tabletop activity the group packed up together and had a snack. Next was outdoor play where we did some chalk drawing. Lastly, we headed inside and used our imagination to create some new and crazy things from recycled boxes.

Groups are a great way to incorporate interests and put skills from therapy sessions into real-life practice. For more information about the DWSP Group program, visit Groups – Dee Wardrop

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