JUMP IN! Thinking of a trampoline for Christmas?

At this time of year, many of our families start asking us for recommendations about trampolines as Christmas presents.    While trampolines can be funded for some children as part of NDIS, Better Start or HCWA funding schemes, many parents also choose to purchase them just because they’re so beneficial to kids!

The potential benefits of using a trampoline regularly with your child regularly are endless.  Our Occupational Therapists  recommend the use of trampolines for a range of motor planning, emotional regulation and sensory processing difficulties.

Trampolining is fun for all kids.  It can offer distraction for anxious thoughts, a great way to unwind after a long day at school or during stressful times and this form of high energy exercise can help release endorphins (a natural mood booster).  It is also an excellent way to get some extra physical exercise and practice turn taking and social communication with peers.

During trampolining, children receive deep pressure through their major joints and muscles during bouncing is calming for their nervous system.  For children with sensory processing or regulation difficulties, trampolining can stimulates their balance (vestibular sense) and awareness of self-in-space (proprioceptive sense).  This benefits kids with sensory needs and autism spectrum disorders
; whether they seek OR avoid sensory input!

If you’re considering purchasing a trampoline – and wonder whether it would be beneficial for your child – contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our Occupational Therapists who can guide you through the process, from trampoline selection, safety and activities to try.   If you are wanting to purchase the trampoline using a funding scheme such as NDIS – we can help with that too!

When you are ready to purchase – the Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne) has updated it’s trampoline safety guidelines this year. Check out the complete of their guidelines to safe trampoline use here:







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