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Hey there, I’m Katie, and I’m thrilled to be joining the amazing team at DWSP as a speech pathologist! Let me start by sharing how it all began. My interest in speech pathology was ignited by a personal experience within my own family. I witnessed a close family member facing communication difficulties that had a profound impact on their everyday life. Simple tasks we often take for granted, like talking to the cashier at Coles, suddenly became arduous and frustrating for them. This ignited a strong desire within me to make a difference and help individuals facing similar challenges.

With determination in my heart, I pursued my Master of Speech Pathology from the University of Melbourne. The journey was intense but incredibly rewarding. I delved deep into the world of communication disorders, learning how to assess, diagnose, and treat various speech and language challenges. And now, here I am, ready to put my knowledge and skills into practice at DWSP.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a speech pathologist for me is witnessing my clients achieve small yet significant milestones. These victories may seem minor to others, but they have a profound impact on enhancing their communication abilities in everyday life. The joy and satisfaction that come from seeing someone overcome obstacles and flourish in their communication skills are truly indescribable. Outside of my professional life, I have a few hobbies that keep me energized and grounded. You can often find me exploring nature’s wonders on hiking trails with my trusty sidekick, Mustard, my adorable dog. Additionally, I’m a big fan of kickboxing.

As a clinician, one of my primary goals is to continually develop and refine my skills. I strongly believe in the power of lifelong learning and staying updated on the latest advancements in the field. Through my work at DWSP, I’m excited to collaborate with experienced professionals, attend workshops, and engage in continuous professional development to provide the best possible care for my client

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