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Katie Luu

Speech Pathologist

Katie is an early career speech pathologist who recently completed her Masters of Speech Pathology at Melbourne University. She has a passion for working with children and brings valuable experience from her work in private, school, and community settings.

Katie’s journey to becoming a speech pathologist was fuelled by witnessing one of her family members struggle with a communication disorder and experiencing its far-reaching impact on their ability to communicate effectively. This personal experience ignited her desire to help others overcome similar challenges.

In her approach to therapy, Katie firmly believes in tailoring each session to the individual, using their interests as a driving force to keep them engaged in the learning process. She values collaboration and actively works alongside family members, educators, and other allied health professionals to ensure a holistic approach to supporting her clients’ goals across different settings.

Katie will primarily be based in schools and at our Northcote, Coburg and Eltham clinics.


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