Speech Pathology

Our clinicians are all qualified health professionals who use the latest tools and evidence to diagnose and treat communication disorders. They provide clients with therapy to address problems with speech, language, swallowing, fluency, and voice. Their aim is to provide therapy that is fun and engaging, whilst also achieving their goals. Our clinicians treat clients of all ages and we are committed to finding the right clinician for each clients needs.

For children, our therapy can assist with feeding difficulties, delayed speech, diagnosis for Autism Spectrum Disorder, hearing/listening difficulties, and preparation for school entry.

For adults, therapy is used to assist people with their accent, speech clarity, stutters, hearing loss, swallowing difficulties, neurological conditions (eg. Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis) and support in speech and language following an accident.


Occupational Therapy

At DWSP we employ a team of qualified Occupational Therapists. Occupational Therapy is physical therapy that is aimed at helping individuals with improving their motor skills. The sessions assist clients in everyday activities, like getting dressed, writing, and cooking, by improving their skills or modifying the movement or environment.

For children, Occupational Therapy assists with delays in gross motor skill delays such as crawling and walking, sensory issues, concentration difficulties, assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, social skills, and handwriting.

For adults, Occupational Therapy is sought to improve motor skills after a specific event (such as a stroke or head injury), help clients modify their home and community environments (with respect to their and provide tools and support to elderly residents with attention or co-ordination difficulties.


We are now offering on-site Psychology services. This can be utilised on its own or be supplementary to other therapy. Psychology also forms part of our Autism Assessment. Your child/adolescent may need psychology services to aid in grief and trauma processing, for educational and developmental assessments, to improve social skills and difficult behaviour, if they are suffering from depression or anxiety or if they have suffered physical injury.

The Psychology sessions are light in nature. The Psychologist will use activities, drawing and questions to connect to the child/adolescent and make them feel comfortable. Parents/carers are invited to stay or leave the room depending on the comfort of the client.

Once the initial assessment of the client is done, the therapist will use tools and activities to assist them with coping and treating. The therapist may use tools such as talking, activities, teaching skills and problem solving.

Music Therapy

Our Music Therapy programs are tailored to enhance Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy treatment. They provide a fun and engaging environment centered around music. It gives the client the opportunity to be expressive while improving social skills, speech and motor movements. Our talented staff can write and play songs that address any issue!

Group Programs

At DWSP you can book in for a range of group activities. Click the button to be taken to our dedicated Group Programs page. 

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