Service Structure

We believe in working in a team-based role with our clients;  encouraging collaborative work with health professionals, carers, teachers and parents in delivering effective intervention services.

Over the years our range of services has evolved to meet the needs of our clients.  If you have any questions about our services – give us a call!  Our reception team will be able to determine the assessment type most suited to your needs, and your clinician will guide you in selecting an appropriate intervention plan after your initial appointment.

Assessment & Therapy Services

  • Initial Assessments: Each client attends an initial appointment prior to starting therapy.  This is an opportunity to identify goals, learn about the client and to develop a therapy plan which best fits the client and their family.   This assessment may be used to recommend other referrals or specialist assessments.  The initial assessment includes a summary report.
  • Standardised Assessments: These assessments are specifically used for funding applications, diagnostic purposes or intervention planning.  They may take up to three hours to complete and include a comprehensive report.   Assessments may be requested by health professionals, educators, or parents.
  • Therapy / Intervention Sessions: Length and type of sessions offered depend on individual client needs.  Typically, individual sessions are 45-minute face-to-face sessions with a further 15 minutes of indirect care where your therapist will score assessments, write up goals and plan subsequent sessions. Each therapy session includes:
    • Review of home practice and progress on current goals.
    • A Take-Home-Pack with notes and home practice activities reflecting session progress and discussions.

Other Services

  • Communication Check Ups:  Low-cost sessions where a senior speech pathologist meets you and your child to determine whether an assessment is required.  The appointment cost is credited toward any further sessions.
  • Mobile Service:  Out-of-clinic appointments are arranged on request, and incur an additional travel fee.  Visits to nursing homes or care facilities are available for swallowing or communication assessments for adults who are unable to travel.  For families seeking school based support, an initial  appointment is held at a clinic, with school visits then arranged per school term.
  • Meetings: Clinicians are available to attend off site meetings to support clients.  These include intervention support, school PSG meetings, and planning for any client transitions.
  • Allied Health Assistants: Our AHAs are trained professionals who deliver therapy under the guidance of a speech pathologist or occupational therapist. This is a great way for clients to receive ongoing therapy at a low cost.
  • Aide / Student Programs: Throughout the year opportunities become available for clients to work with Speech Pathology or Occupational Therapy students, under the supervision of a senior therapist.  These sessions are offered at minimum costs for clients.
  • Written Reports:  Summary reports and comprehensive documentation suitable for funding applications / diagnostic assessment are included within the assessment fee structure.  Therapy  summaries or handover reports attract additional fees and are available on request.

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