Online Therapy (Telehealth) Services

Telehealth Services – what is it?

Telehealth is therapy for anyone, anywhere.

Telehealth is the delivery of assessment and therapy online via your computer, phone or tablet.  It enables people to access the services that they need, at the click of a button.  Research has found that Telehealth services are proven to have the same outcomes as in-person therapy, and professional health bodies also support the use of Telehealth as an effective model of care.  All of our therapies are available face to face, or as Telehealth services.

The Association supports the use of telepractice as a service delivery model where it is based on current evidence-based practice and is at least equivalent to standard clinical care.  Speech Pathology Australia Nov 1, 2018

Who can use Telehealth?

Telehealth and online sessions are available for families who live outside Melbourne Metropolitan areas and cannot attend a clinic, as well as clients within Melbourne who prefer not to travel.  Over the past 10 years we have had clients from New Zealand, Panama and Italy who have worked with our therapists online.  Read more about how we use it here.

Many of our clients choose to use a combination of telehealth and face to face clinic appointments.

“It is just so convenient having the online session after school, it means I can get home, give my daughter some food, and settle into the session, without heading into rush hour traffic and arriving at the clinic frazzled.  My daughter also loves getting to log in on her iPad to the sessions! “ Kelly, Mum of Georgie 

What equipment do I need?

  • A laptop, phone, tablet or desktop computer
  • Speakers (or sound output on device)
  • Microphone (or microphone input on device)
  • Internet access with reasonable speed
  • A table in a quiet space to work

Once you’ve booked your telehealth session, we send you an information pack to help you get set up at home, and can talk you through it by phone if needed.   The set up is very straightforward.

How does a Telehealth Session run? 

An online appointment for Speech Pathology or Occupational Therapy runs like this:

  • Your therapist sends a connecting link to your nominated email address
  • You click on the link on either your computer, tablet, or phone to access your appointment
  • telehealth appointments occur in real-time. This means you will then be able to see, hear and talk with your therapist – just as you would in a face-to-face consultation.
  • During your appointment, your therapist will provide intervention, or coach the support person or parent to facilitate the activity (we call this “the coach approach”) depending on each client’s preference.
  • For school-aged children, therapy appointments may involve sharing picture books, reading texts, drawing pictures and figures and writing as well as movement and practicing skills. We also share videos, screen sharing and resources
  • For preschoolers and toddlers, sessions may involve floor play, toys, bubbles and moving between the floor and the table top.  It may involve the parent playing with the child, while the therapist provides strategies and guidance to reach the goals
  • For adults and adolescents – sessions involve everyday items in the home, talking, and sharing materials.
  • All the traditional therapy activities you can think of are possible using telehealth services.  Our therapists work with you to adapt the sessions as needed to whatever is happening at home.  We’ve even worked with pets!

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