Cheering on speech pathologists! Meet Lauren

Hello! My name is Lauren, and I am very excited to be starting as a new graduate Speech Pathologist at DWSP.

I have always loved working with people, and when I found out about speech pathology, it seemed to perfectly combine my interests in science, linguistics, and people! Then, throughout my studies I was able to enjoy work experiences in community rehabilitation, specialist schools and private practice. I really enjoyed my work with kids who were getting ready to start school or transition to high school.

In both my work and daily life, I love to look for opportunities to be creative and have fun – that can involve music, art or sport! I also love solving puzzles and problems, whether it be sudoku, reorganising cupboards, or finding a therapy approach that works for each individual.

Outside of my work as a Speech Pathologist, I work as a gymnastics and cheerleading coach and do cheerleading competitively. In my down-time, I love to try different cafés around Melbourne, read fantasy novels, and play board games.

I am looking forward to my time working and continuously learning as a Speech Pathologist at DWSP.

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