Speech Pathologist, Gareth

Have you met our speech pathologist, Gareth?

My name is Gareth and I have recently moved to Melbourne from Townsville. Before starting with DWSP as a speech pathologist, I was a lecturer for James Cook University in clinical education, linguistics, and health law and ethics. I have a passion for teaching and building skills in others and look forward to helping parents and little ones with the spirit of a teacher.

Outside of speech pathology I love board games, escape rooms, Magic the Gathering, and exploring the culinary options Melbourne offers. I am also an admitted lawyer with the Queensland Supreme Court, although my truest interests lie in speech pathology.

I chose speech pathology as I could see the value speech pathologists bring to their clients, the client’s families, and the greater community. Similarly, in my own life, it was only after I saw a speech pathologist in kindergarten that people could understand what I was trying to say. I have old reports stating I would get frustrated when communication broke down. Thankfully, my speech pathologist helped me become intelligible and the benefits of that are shown in the life long friendships I established after going through therapy.

My skills in speech pathology are quite general across the life span, although I find working with children to be the most fun. I look forward to helping children and their families across the DWSPOT locations.

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