Get Set for Prep!

Our team of highly skilled occupational therapists and speech pathologists run a wide range of groups catering to various interests and ages.

Over January, our Get Set For Prep readiness program provided a week-long opportunity for prep-age children to ease into their ‘school’ morning routines with peers.

The program is designed by our clinicians to support participants’ independence, confidence and enjoyment of learning. It’s also a chance to practice the skills that they’ve developed in kindy, home, out-and-about and in therapy.

Our group of five had time to get to know their peers, share their favourite play, play as a group, craft, dance, sing and read a book together, giving them opportunities to try new things daily within an increasingly familiar routine.

Groups are a great way to incorporate interests and put skills from therapy sessions into real-life practice. For more information about the DWSP Group program, visit

More information on school readiness is available on the Raising Children website:

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