We have supported many families, during our 12+ years in the industry, with children who are diagnosed with autism (ASD). We are a neurodiverse-affirming practice. We know that learning about autism can be stressful, and we aim to make the process as easy as possible.

Diagnostic Assessments

While DWSP clinicians do not complete diagnostic assessments for autism, information can be provided about how to access these services elsewhere. 

Autism Therapy

Therapy begins with an initial appointment. This appointment will assess the clients’ abilities and help to guide the long-term therapy and goal setting. The therapists will then employ a range of techniques and tools over the course of the therapy to help ensure that each client meets their goals.

Early Start Denver Model  (ESDM)

This therapy is based around the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and the therapy involves intensive group sessions and training for aides and carers to work with each client.

Multidisciplinary Sessions

Working with two disciplines assists children with autism to develop their sensory systems and self-regulation – while learning communication strategies at the same time. A multidisciplinary model of care offers an evidence-based treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders as it promotes the integration of skills, and assists clients and families to learn to manage the demands of everyday life.

Play Therapy

While the focus of the family is on the person with autism, family members, especially siblings can benefit from some play therapy focused on them. These can be run alongside the autism therapy appointments for the other child.

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