Autism Services

“Her mind interprets the world differently. She feels and sees things with a unique perspective. This is what makes her so magnificent.” ― Tina J Richardson

The process of assessing and diagnosing an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be a stressful journey for families, and having a good working relationship with your assessment team can help your entire family to manage this process.   Our Autism Assessment Team understand how difficult this time can be.  Over the past 9 years we have supported many families while working as a part of their healthcare team.   Our experienced team offers a collaborative and caring service for children and families going through the diagnostic process.

Once a child is diagnosed, families must then begin the next challenge of choosing treatments and therapies to best support their child.  We work directly with families to implement strategies and meet goals.  We offer training sessions at schools/kindergartens/daycares and also act as a source of professional advice, information and advocacy for families.

Autism Diagnostic Assessments:

Working in conjunction with paediatricians, GPs and psychologists, our Autism Assessment Team offer a compassionate, comprehensive assessment process to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The assessment takes 3-5 hours and includes a full report suitable for the diagnostic process.

Autism Therapy:

We offer a wide range of evidence based autism therapies for clients.  Following an initial appointment, our therapists work with families to set goals and develop the best intervention plan for each child and family.  Therapists will then employ a range of techniques within the intervention program.

Autism Therapy (ESDM):

Several of our therapists are undergoing credentialing to become certified providers of Autism Therapy under the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) program.  This program involves intensive group work and training of aides and carers to work with each child.   We offer a range of services within the ESDM model, including providing trained therapy aides, training carers, therapy sessions,  or small group play programs.

Multidisciplinary Sessions (Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy):

Working with two disciplines assists children with autism to develop their sensory systems and self regulation – while learning communication strategies at the same time!   A multidisciplinary model of care offers  an evidence based treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders as it promotes integration of skills, and assists clients and families to learn to manage the demands of everyday life.

Play Therapy (for sibings and families):

With so much energy and effort focussed on supporting a child with autism, many families gain benefit from play therapy and counselling for other siblings in the family.  Around stressful times of stress such as diagnosis, or even to support siblings during times of change, play therapy can assist parents to meet the needs of everyone in your family.  Play therapy services can be accessed under a Mental Health Care Plan, and can be offered at the same time as Autism Therapy for another child.