Administrator and traveller…Steph!

Hi there, I’m Steph, and I’ve recently become a part of the DWSP team as an office administrator. 

Previously, I worked as an operations manager at an Endocrinology and Allied Health clinic for 3 years, and I truly enjoyed the experiences it provided me, both in terms of patient interactions and team management.

Before venturing into the medical field, my background was in the tourism industry, which was a personal passion. However, I’ve found healthcare administration to be more personally rewarding. I still love planning holidays, and I’m always excited to hear about your upcoming travel plans!

My passion lies in assisting and working with people of all ages. I’m eager to explore the worlds of Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy. I am particularly looking forward to the opportunity to work with children, which has been somewhat limited in my previous roles.

Away from work, you’ll often find me at the gym, traveling, spending time with friends, and exploring new cafes and restaurants, especially since I have recently moved Northside.

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