Talking Time

babygroup_1a3p7ri-1a3p7rnTalking Time is a program for our community, supporting language development and providing information and resources for parents and families.

Our team works closely within our local community of childcares, kindergartens and Maternal Child Health nurses to provide information to our community.  During our years of work we realised all parents can benefit from information about how language develops, and ways to promote it.   Talking Time provides a range of educational and fun sessions to support early language development for ALL children and their families.

Parent Education Sessions

The session was casual, which was perfect for our mother’s group. The information was amazingly useful, thank you!”
Julie, Mum to Tait (8 months)

These sessions are ideal for small groups (e.g. mothers groups, kindergarten or childcare parent groups) who are interested in learning more about their child’s language development.  Our workshops describe and explains stages of speech development and the ways children learn to understand and use language, together with providing fun ideas and practical strategies for developing your child’s communication skills.

  • We offer workshops on weekdays, evenings and weekends,
  • Sessions at our centre, or yours!
  • Suitable for 5-12 adult participants (little people are ok too)
  • Participants receive a comprehensive information pack.
  • The series of workshops describes and explains stages of speech development and how children learn to understand and use language, together with providing fun ideas and strategies for developing your child’s skills.  Topics include:                                                                                                                                                                          Baby Babble: speech & language from birth to 18 months
    Toddler Talk: speech & language development with 2-3 year olds
    Children Chat: speech & language development for 4 year olds & pre-schoolers

We are able to present on other topics by request.

Parent & Child Sessions

We offer a range of “Music, Rhyme and Talking Time” classes each term for children aged 6 months to 5 years.

Groups aim to enhance children’s language and literacy development through participation in fun activities, music, books and rhyme.   Groups are kept small, with 3-7 participants, aged and skill matched to ensure all children have an abundance of opportunities to participate.

Please contact us to enquire, or to register your interest and reserve a spot for your child in a class next term.