Group Programs


Group sessions are a cost effective way to give clients a block of time to practice and focus on communication needs in a realistic context.

We offer a broad range of small group programs which cater for a variety of needs. Different groups are offered each term.  Our programs are designed to provide opportunities to develop communication skills in a small peer group setting. Groups are tailored to participants and are suitable for people of all ages.

Group sessions for children are an excellent way to focus on development of social skills such as turn-taking, task completion, non verbal communication skills, and emotional regulation.

Group sessions for adults or adolescents are a good opportunity for practice, reflection and mentoring with other people with communication goals.

How do Groups run? 

  • Group sessions are facilitated by 1-2 staff (Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Music Therapist, Teacher or Allied Health Assistant)
  • 3-8 participants
  • Programs run for 6-8 weeks
  • Sessions run for 45 mins – 1.5 hours duration
  • 1:1 pre-group evaluation required for new clients
  • Sessions may / may not include parents, depending on the focus of the group.

How do I book?

Fill out the form below listing the name of the group you wish to register for.   Numbers (and any CoVID restrictions) will be confirmed closer to the start of the program.  Spaces are limited and each group will have a maximum of 8 children.

You will be sent an invoice prior to beginning of group and upfront payment for all group sessions is required to secure your child’s place.  The cost of the program covers all sessions, materials and planning time, and missed sessions are non refundable.

Planned Groups for Term 2, 2021  (subject to change and availability)

Group:          Let’s Make Little Friends
Ages:            Preschoolers 3-5 yrs
Clinic:           Thornbury
Days:            Tuesdays 1.15pm 
Duration:       8 week program
Dates:           27 April – 15 June (inclusive)
Staff:             Speech Pathologists Diana & Emily with Allied Health Assistant Macarena 

After COVID-19 stopped our 2020 groups in their tracks – our preschool social skills group is back by popular demand.    This group program will develop and support your child to develop their skills for interaction, play and communication with others.

Children will be working on skills such as

  • staying and playing with peers
  • noticing play actions of others
  • responding to play actions of others
  • engaging in a familiar routines
  • appropriate transitions between tasks

We will also be supporting age appropriate language in session, using craft and pretend play and motor play as a focus! We will focus on greetings, use songs and use a consistent structure and routine for our little friends to feel confident in the group

Group:          Let’s Get Social at School
Ages:            Prep & Grade 1 (5-7 years) 
Clinic:           Thornbury
Days:            Tuesdays 4pm fortnightly 
Duration:       5 week program
Dates:           27 April – 15 June (inclusive)
Staff:             Speech Pathologists Diana & Occupational Therapist Isabelle 

Designed especially for Preps and Grade 1 students after their disrupted school preparation in 2020, this group program will develop and support your child to develop their skills in working together in groups.

Children will be working on skills such as:

  • developing and growing new friendships
  • responding to play and communication actions of others
  • appropriate transitions between tasks
  • learning and consolidating age appropriate social thinking skills

We will also be supporting age appropriate language, and recounting information skills in session, using co-operative and pretend play as well as fine motor skills as a focus for our sessions.

Group:          Learning with Lego
Ages:            Grade 2-4 (7-9 years) 
Clinic:           ONLINE
Days:            Tuesdays 4pm fortnightly 
Duration:       5 week program
Dates:           27 April – 15 June (inclusive)
Staff:             Speech Pathologist Carolyn
Designed for our middle primary aged students (Grade 2-4) ,  The Learning with Lego program ran successfully in online during 2020 online and was so popular we are offering it again as an online program in Term 2 2021.  You can read about last year’s program our blog post here.

This is a fun, evidence-based program uses Lego to build social skills through group play.  Suitable for 7-9 year olds, you can use your home Lego or Duplo stash to participate.


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