Joining the DWSP Team

Dynamic and fun, our team is made up of a diverse team of professionals from a range of backgrounds, from graduate clinicians through to therapists working for more than 20 years.  


Let’s start a conversation…

We’re always interested in chatting to other professionals and sharing what we do, how we work,and what we love about our team and our practice.  We’re open to welcoming new team members and making connections –  whether we have a current job vacancy or not.


At DWSP, you choose whether you work in clinics (and which sites) schools or telehealth.  You have input into your locations, days and working hours to best suit your lifestyle.  Work life balance is a real priority for us.  We offer up to 6 weeks paid leave per year, as well as generous leave without pay options for those who like to travel, or who are managing school holidays and childcare.

Life long Learning

We place a priority on professional development and career long learning, with a comprehensive mentoring and support program, tailored to suit all professional levels, from graduate through to experienced therapists.  We aim to build the capacity of the practice and every member of the team.  We have a social committee, regular PD days and a strong focus on wellbeing.

What are you looking for in your next role?

We’d love to hear about your professional interests and skills and what you’re looking for in a role and a workplace.   We are always open to opportunities and to working with like minded professionals who who identify with our culture and values and are seeking a dynamic workplace with excellent leadership and a great team.

Get in touch

Reach out via email – attention to Kathryn, Clinical Director.

Kathryn or one of the team will get in touch for a chat about your career plans and pathway, and how we can support you in a role with us.

We look forward to speaking with you!