Tessa Condon

Tess provides occupational therapy services within a clinic, home, kindergarten and school setting. She is passionate about improving quality of life and functional outcomes of all client’s she works with so that they can reach their maximum potential.

Tess has worked an as Occupational Therapist within early intervention and school age services with clients that have a wide range of diagnosis and needs for over eight years. She’s particularly skilled in working with individuals with autism, having spent four years interstate working and specialising in autism at the Autism Association of Western Australia. She held a Senior Therapist position at the Autism Association which held additional responsibilities such as delivery of seminars both in metro and rural areas, research, mentoring and development of online resources for families and teachers. 

Tess works with clients with difficulties in sensory processing, behaviour management, attention difficulties, motor skills, self-care (including eating, dressing, toileting), play and social skills.  She can provide therapy one-to-one, within groups and consult to carers, teachers and schools.