Sharon Muir

Sharon is an experienced and caring psychologist who brings a gentle and practical to approach to her clients and their families.

Sharon provides assessment, treatment and counselling that is designed to improve the wellbeing, performance and overall functioning of children and adolescents as well as support for adults working with young people.  Her areas of professional interest include parenting, anxiety, depression and behavioural management strategies.

She provides:

Autism Assessments; working as part of our multidisciplinary assessment team to provide assessment and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

Counselling; Assessing, treating and counselling in a way that is designed to improve the wellbeing, performance and functioning of young people. For example interventions in, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, stress management, grief and loss, life transitions, anger management and panic attacks.

Educational Assessments; Assessment of your child can involve either or both cognitive and educational testing in order to understand his or her abilities and areas where she or he may experience difficulties.

Cogmed Working Memory Training; is an evidence based program that helps children, adolescents and adults improve attention by training their working memory.

Please contact reception for further information or to arrange an appointment with Sharon.