Jessica Marzan

JessMarzan (4)

Jess graduated from Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
in 2015.

Jess has a strong passion towards supporting children of all ages and abilities, and
has a particular interest in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Since volunteering her time at the Northern School for Autism, Jess pursued a career in
paediatric Occupational Therapy.

Previously working in private practice before joining the DWSP team,  Jess brings her experience of working with children with ASD and varying degrees of fine and gross motor skills and developing social skills and emotional regulation.
She places a great emphasis on children’s strengths and interests in therapy, making every
learning opportunity fun, meaningful, and easy to replicate at home.

Jess lets her warm and gentle personality shine through in her work with clients.  She thoroughly enjoys working closely with each child and their family to meet their goals whilst providing a safe and caring environment.

Jess has an ongoing commitment to professional development and enjoys thinking of creative ways to develop individual skills and help clients achieve independence through everyday activities.

Contact us today to arrange your appointment with Jess.  Jess offers therapy services at no out of pocket cost to families with a valid Medicare referral (limited spaces apply).