Play Therapy & Family Counselling Services

Play is a child’s natural language.

Children often have difficulty trying to say in words what they feel and how experiences have affected them. Play is the child’s natural medium of communication and provides a window into their world.  Play provides means through which conflicts can be resolved and feelings can be communicated as children project their inner thoughts and feelings through music, play, toys and art.

Our children’s counsellor focuses on creating a safe and nurturing environment and forming a therapeutic relationship with the child based on empathy, unconditional positive regard and genuineness. The child is supported to work through their worries and problems through the facilitation of holistic, creative and developmentally age appropriate methods such as play and music therapy.

What is Play Music Therapy?
Play Music therapy is a powerful and gentle form of counselling for children as young as 2 years old up to 13 years of age. Most adults are able to put their feelings, frustrations, anxieties and personal problems into some form of verbal expression, however children are not able to express themselves fully through the medium of verbalisation, they do this through play, fantasy and role play.

As children’s thoughts and feelings emerge naturally in play, they express or play out their thoughts and feelings, explore relationships, make sense of experiences, disclose wishes and develop coping strategies so they can move forward.

In play therapy, themes are associated with issues that children are working on during a given stage of play. Children will use carefully selected toys, songs or materials such as sandplay, miniature figurines and animals, clay, finger paints, painting, drawing and constructing art and role plays as a means of self expression, tapping into their inner resources and resolve their own problems and exercise self-control.

Can our Play Music Therapist help you and your family?
Counselling your child through play therapy can assist your child to:

  • Improve their self esteem and resilience
  • Learn that their feelings are valid and acceptable and increase their vocabulary around feelings, thoughts and actions
  • Learn to respect and accept themselves
  • Learn to self-regulate thoughts, feelings and behaviour (age appropriately)
  • Learn to be creative and resourceful in confronting problems in a positive way
  • Develop more harmonious and enjoyable relationships with family and friend
  • Support you in your parenting and understanding of yourself as a person and parent

Play Music therapy can be an adjunct to the learning environment; an experience that helps children maximise opportunities to learn in the classroom.

Play Music Therapy is based on effective evidence based techniques which support a range of children’s emotional, social, developmental and behavioural difficulties that may have been triggered by trauma related experiences such as:

abuse and neglect
divorce/parental separation
school difficulties or bullying
death of a loved one or pet
bonding and attachment issues
family violence
birth trauma
medical surgeries
excessive anger/aggression
fears, sadness, worry or shyness
making and keeping friends
separation anxiety
sibling of a child with disability
sibling of a child with a chronic illness
physical symptoms without any medical causes
selective mutism

For further discussion about the process and suitability of play therapy, a parent/caregiver can book an initial parent consultation with our children’s counsellor.