About Play Therapy

Children often have difficulty trying to say in words what they feel and how their experiences have affected them. Play provides a means through which conflicts can be resolved and feelings can be communicated by projecting their inner thoughts and feelings through specific toys and art.

Play therapy is an effective therapeutic approach for a range of children’s difficulties. These can include….

  • adjusting to family changes/life transitions
  • excessive anger/aggression
  • fears, sadness, worry or shyness
  • making friends
  • separation anxiety
  • bonding and attachment issues
  • school difficulties or bullying

It is also effective when dealing with….

  • sibiling of a child with disability
  • sibling of a child with a chronic illness
  • abuse or neglect
  • grief and loss
  • physical symptoms without any medical causes

Such events can create intense emotions that are stored in a child’s body and memory affecting behaviour, attitude and happiness until resolved.