NEW Online Play Group (May & June 2020)

“PLAY is child’s work and it is one of the most effective ways to engage your child in language learning.”  Erica Casey, Senior Speech Pathologist, DWSP

Following the success of our Morning Tea with DWSP program online this term, we are pleased to offer this structured online PLAY series of workshops for your preschool aged child this term.


Erica – our Chief of PLAY Speech Pathologist

This 4 week program, facilitated by Senior Speech Pathologist Erica Casey, will develop your understanding of different kinds of play and the ways your can support your child in play.  Best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, learning tips, tricks and skills to develop your child’s play using their own toys and things in your home enviroment.

Suitable for families who want to explore play in their natural home environment to improve their child’s language skills through PLAY, this program will also suit families who are attending therapy online and missing their face to face sessions. Across the sessions Erica will help you develop your understanding of the different types and stages of play, and how to support your child to PLAY in different ways.


This program is designed for children aged   3-5 years to support them in developing their skills in:

New kinds of PLAY
Interaction in PLAY
Communication with others in PLAY 

Groups sessions run once a week from 12 May to 2 June.

The program begins with a parent session (held in the evening) to identify where your child is at in their current play skills and to help you get set up for the program.

The cost of the 5 week program is $75 per family, and includes the 5 session program (parent session + 4 PLAY based sessions) a play checklist and all resources.  Erica is also available for private parent consults after the program (at additional cost) to discuss your child’s progress and further develop recommendations for you and your family.

Contact reception on the form below to register your interest in the PLAY program – spaces are limited.