We welcome Nataly!

My name is Nataly and I am so excited to be joining the DWSP team.

I am amazed at just how much I have learnt in such a short time from the amazing individuals on the team. Everyone brings new knowledge, culture and ‘spice’ to the group, which I am hoping to absorb.

I’m originally from sunny Florida, USA but I’ve been living in Melbourne for the past 3 years. I enjoy hiking, traveling, exercising, reading and eating. I love the many restaurants and cuisines that Melbourne has to offer but above all I am appreciating what a coffee snob I have become and maybe a tea lover too!

I hope to combine my passions and experiences in order to become the best version of myself and to help my clients achieve the same for themselves. I am thrilled to be commencing this 2020 journey as a new member of the DWSP family.